Free Online Consultation

Get free online consultation from specialists relevant to your problems, which help you to estimate treatment costs also.

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Our affiliated hospitals are in India and in south-east Asian countries. Click below to understand about their specialty and services.

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How we do

We follow seven steps for your treatment procedure in abroad. We hope this end to end assistance will be highly appreciated.

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Who we are?

We are Corporate Care one of the best Medical Tourism Management companies in Bangladesh. We assist you to find better Specialists and better Hospitals for achieving better Treatment in abroad.

What we do?

We connect you with desired Doctors and Hospitals within affordable cost. We facilitate free online consultation for pre-Treatment plan and Remote discussion with Doctors after the patient returned home. We also assist you to get Visa and to fly beyond the Borders.

Why we do?

We do everything not only for our business; we have a motto-“Serve the ailing”, which is more than the businesses.

Who are with us?

We are connected with top classes Hospitals where you can take aim to get world class treatment. All of our Hospitals are JCI accredited which are in India and in south-east Asian countries.

Your Benefit

  • Meeting with desired doctors related your problems.
  • Finding world class Hospitals where your treatment will proceed properly.
  • Making a hassle free treatment plan, so that you can get your Doctor’s opinion and Estimate your costs.
  • No worries about transportation from airport to Hospital or Hotel.
  • Getting interpreter to communicate with Doctors.
  • Receiving Remote consultation of your Doctor, Chat or phone conversation.
  • Changing prescription if emergency.