You step to Corporate Care

Step 1 - We listen to you

After you connect us regarding your problem, our patient care consultant gets in touch with you to collect the recent medical reports and understand your medical needs.

Step 2 - Free online consultation

We help you to get free consultation from several doctors from different hospitals. We send your medical reports to specialized hospitals across India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and ask for treatment options from the specialists so that you can assess all facts related to your treatment, You can estimate your treatment cost also.

Step 3 - We connect hospitals

Once you select and decide on the doctor-hospital combination, we connect you to the hospital and you can start your treatment procedure.

Step 4 - Visa and travel assistance

We assist you in getting a Visa invitation letter for your treatment, travel plans, air ticket and stay in abroad.

Step 5 - After arrival Care

We assist you to reach hospital or hotel from airport. You can easily find a receiver, who will receive you warmly. We arrange a priority appointment for you to ensure a hassle free meeting with the doctor. We also facilitate all informative and logistic support to start your treatment with pleasure.

Step 6 - We care your recovery

We ensure an all-time connectivity with hospital and your attendance. We also ensure an interpreter to communicate your doctor easily. Your rapid recovery is our hope.

Step 7 - Post treatment consultation

After returning to your home, we facilitate in getting any necessary follow-up options with your doctor.